5 Ways You Can Help Stop Climate Change At Home!

5 ways to take action for climate change at home!           

  • Spend a week without eating meat.
  • Have shorter showers.
  • Change to energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Buy less products.
  • Pick up waste from your neighborhood or street.

How do these ways help?

  • Having a week without eating meat can reduce greenhouse gases and also helps save the animals.
  • Having shorter showers helps conserve water.
  • Changing to energy efficient light bulbs uses less energy, and the less energy used means less CO2 produced.
  • Buying less products makes factories produce less products, so there for less gases spreading into the air.
  • When you don't pick up waste, the waste decomposes, carbon dioxide and methane gas is created.

Here are 2 videos about climate change:


  • These are very helpful idea to help stop climate change! We can all do our part to help by using these simple ideas! Thank you for doing this!

  • Love this!!! Amazing to see initiative :))


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