We Partnered With 13: A Social Enterprise

On March 10, 2021 we had a Google Meet with Megan McVeigh, Manager  from 13 A Social Enterprise. We learned about 13:ASE and what they sell. She told us that they have recipes on their website and on the back of their spices. Also on the front of the boxes there is a cutout of the country the spices are from. Their employees are teens that live in the Parkdale area and came from different countries. They share their spice ideas to create the spices they sell. 13:ASE help their staff develop skills and pay them minimum wage. They work about 10 hours a week. 

We are happy to partner with 13:ASE and sell their spices on our site.  The proceeds will go toward our social enterprise and WWF.

By: Darcy, Jake, Logan & Jacob F

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  • 13:ASE is an amazing Ottawa social enterprise & I love what they do to help educate young social entrepreneurs.

    Rick White

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