Why We Partnered With The Artery Community Roasters

Our class is happy to partner with The Artery Community Roasters.  A few reasons we choose The Artery was because they are local, they employ people living with disabilities and they are trying their hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They also are a social enterprise and all their employees have disabilities. Our class met with the owner Will Wells and he informed us that The Artery roasts their coffee fresh, and are shipped by at most on week while other coffee products sit on a shelf for up to 6 months. They engage in direct trade which pays the farmer way more than fair trade. If you like coffee, you'll love The Artery Coffee.

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  • I can’t wait to taste the coffee… I heard that they roasted the beans on Thursday when the M&Ms placed their 1st order so it will be freeeessh!

    I also love the mission of The Artery as they only hire people living with disabilities. They are a really good Ottawa social enterprise that I’m happy to support.

    Rick White

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