Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you called the Marvels Mission?
A: Marvel is because we are amazing and wonderful kids and the definition for marvel is wonderful and astonishing. Mission is because we are on a mission to inform and educate people on climate?
Q: Why did you select Climate as your social issue?
A: We chose UN Global Goal 13-Climate Change because it  is a huge problem and it causes most of the big issues around the world.Our class did some research and we found out some very stunning things that Climate Change is causing so we decided to help stop Climate Change!
Q: Why did you select the WWF?
A: We had many different charities to choose from but we chose the WWF because they have a similar goal as us, that is why are donations are going to the WWF to help stop climate change. The WWF is the World Wildlife Foundation and they have a mission to  conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.
Q: Do you accept product returns?
A: Sorry - all sales are final!!!
Q:Why are we selling The Artery's coffee?
A: We are selling The Artery's coffee because their staff have disabilities and they are paying them a living wage. Also they keep climate change in mind  with their deliveries and packaging.
Q:Why are we selling Spices?
A:We are selling spices from 13:A Social Enterprise because they are an AMAZING local social enterprise that helps teenagers develop skills, learn about business, and spread african spices and culture.